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At shakti center, we prize holistic approach

Have you ever thought that a nutrition session is more than just a medical visit? Have you ever thought that discovering nutritional balance can be a way to self-discovery?

Often, our culinary preferences say something about us. If we want chocolate, for example, beyond the existence of a possible deficiency of magnesium, for example, guilty can also be a lack of affection in our lives.

Just discovering the real why behind our choices, we can balance our diet.

At the shakti centre, we value the holistic approach and we know that inappropriate nutrition is also based on destructive emotions. When you are in harmony with yourself, you will no longer feel the need to eat unsystematic, because what is inside of you is also reflected in your outside, even in your food choices. Any imbalance, whether we are talking about obesity, bulimia, anorexia, etc. Appears as a result of a lack of harmony inside.

And because emotional issues require different approaches, at the shakti center, slimming or fattening programs benefit from holistic solutions. The programs will be personalized according to everybody’s needs. Massages, lymphatic drainage, cranio-sacral therapy, detoxifying packs, cavitation, come to complement the nutritional plan. We’re not talking about a diet here, but about a change of our lifestyle. And this can be difficult at first, so you need to compensate by relaxation or different therapies. It is certain that once you catch your taste, once you see how well you feel, then the true transformation will begin.

Programs will be personalized
depending on everybody’s needs

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