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Nothing more deeply healing than the human touch”,

 said Bobby Fisher

The human need for connection, touch, is vital from the early hours of life. According to recent studies, children who have not been sufficiently comforted during the first few months of life will tend to be more anxious, depressed, or addictive, as adults. The touch, the change of energy between people is particularly beneficial to health. But, unfortunately, nowadays, caught in the daily tumult, between deadlines and family worries, we forget that we need to feed ourselves also with … Touches. Even couple relationships, after a certain time, become sterile from the point of view of tender touches.

But, since ancient times, massage has been a form of healing. Here are some reasons why massage is not a caprice, but a necessity for our physical, mental and even emotional wellbeing.

At physical level

  • massage stimulates the secretion of endorphins, helping at the prevention of depression and anxiety, while strengthening the immune system;
  • deep relaxation of muscles and tissues, decontracture of stressed muscles;
  • increasing joint mobility;
  • improving blood circulation and lymph flow;
  • reducing water retention and releasing toxins from the body;
  • increasing skin elasticity;
  • preventing and / or fighting cellulite;
  • reducing or diminishing back, muscle, head and joints pains.

At mental level

  • improved mental tonus;
  • elimination of stressful situations;
  • extra energy and good mood;
  • better concentration power, because massage helps us focus on the present moment;

At emotional level

  • increasing self-confidence;
  • increasing the feeling of abandonment, because when you relax, you virtually abandon in the hands of the therapist.

At the shakti center, we will caress you and give you a good mood with massages inspired by different cultures: from balinese massage to the swedish massage, at hawaiian lomi lomi massage, to the one of ayurvedic inspiration, up to therapies that activate also the emotional plan, such as raindrop therapy, which originates from the culture of native american indians. These small sensory “journeys” will bring you closer to your best version.

If your goal is body remodeling, we recommend you the toning massage with bamboo sticks or the anti-cellulite one.
And if massage for you is a healing formula for various affections of the osteo-articular apparatus and not only, we recommend you the yumeiho, deep tissue, segmental therapeutic massage, reflexology and lymph drainage.
If you want to simply relax and reward yourself with a well-deserved massage, we suggest you the candle massage, the relaxation massage, the facial massage, the rejuvance massage, the detoxifying volcanic rock massage, 4-hand massage or even chair massage if you are in a hurry. You can even take your partner or best friend and enjoy a reconnecting couple massage.


List of massages

Relax and enjoy the healing power of touch!


Relaxation massage – a blessing for your stressed body

time 60′ / 90’/ 120′        price 170/ 240/ 320 Lei
Pack of 10 sessions 60′      price 1350 Lei

Do you need a caress after a hard day at work? Or maybe you are looking for a solution and you need to “pull out” your mind for a while? Are you a conservative person, or you just know what you need and you do not want to try a new therapy now? Well, if you find yourself in the above, then the answer is simple: come and have a relaxing massage.

Therapeutic massage – health is most important

Time 60’/90′ price 180/ 250 Lei
Pack of 10 sessions 60′ price 1450 Lei

The therapeutic massage is an alternative solution indicated in many health problems. This is a method of treatment for various affections. Its beneficial effects can be experiences on skin, muscles, nerves, blood and lymph, and indirectly on the endocrine glands, internal organs and joints. The therapeutic massage has the role of improving the functional and motor capacity of the body by promoting recovery.

Lymphatic drainage massage – health is in your hands

Time 60′ /90′ /120′ price 190/ 270/ 330 Lei 
Pack of 10 sessions 60′ price 1500 Lei
Pack of 10 sessions 90′ price 2150 Lei

Imagine your lymphatic system as a toxin filtering system! Like any filtration system, it has to be “cleaned” once in a while and lymphatic drainage is the most effective and at the same time the most relaxing method in this regard. It is the deepest form of detoxification of the body, which every person should require, at least a few times a year. Cellulite, water retention, a weakened immune system, poor circulation and even wrinkles are the consequences of a “clogged” or full of toxin filtration system. Lymphatic drainage prevents and treats these problems, while also offering a well-deserved relaxation.

Raindrop massage – listen to the song of rain

Time 90′ price 270 Lei
Pack of 5 sessions price 1150 Lei
If you want to experience a sensory journey from which you will come back – truly renewed – choose the raindrop massage. If you enjoy the aromatherapy, if you know how well reflexology works, you will have both of them during this therapy. We do not hide you that you will feel on your back and on your feet how tension disappears and how you charge yourself with energy. You will feel in the ninth heaven? Yes!

Anticellulite massage – hard manoeuvres for hard results

Time 60′ price 170 Lei
Pack of 10 sessions 60′ price 1350 Lei

In simple terms, cellulite is characterized by inflammation of subcutaneous cellular tissue, water retention and the irregular growth and distribution of toxins and fats in the area of buttocks, thighs or abdomen. Cellulite can be triggered by multiple factors, from chaotic and unhealthy eating to sedentary, and even subtle causes such as low self-esteem or a passive attitude in life. That is why, besides cellulite massage sessions, you will receive from our specialists tips on lifestyle, nutrition and even a deeper understanding of the emotional causes that have led to the disease, because we strongly believe in the holistic approach of physical problems, and cellulite is no exception.

Bambus sticks massage

Time 60′ price 170 Lei
Pack of 10 sessions 60′ price 1350 Lei

Are you a sportive person and have muscle aches after a period when you asked for your body more than usual? Do you have cellulite, and you want a method to really do its job? Are you tired and lacking in energy and need a massage that will stimulate you strongly to revitalize yourself? Do you just want a maintenance massage to keep you muscular and mental tonus? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, then you would probably get a powerful massage like a bamboo stick.

Ayurvedic massage– shakti center offers you 5.000 years of traditions

Time 80′ price 270 Lei
Pack of 5 sessions price 1150 Lei

According to ayurvedic tradition, illness, suffering, distress or tension occur when we are not in line with our inner nature. In other words, when we forget about ourselves and let ourselves washed up by everyday tasks, without doing anything for us. In sanskrit, ayu means life and veda means knowledge, so a proper translation for ayurveda would be “knowing life.” the ayurvedic massage is about knowing yourself and, according to your dosha (or your physical, mental and energetic constitution), massage will be adapted to your needs. Balance, energy and spiritual elevation in one massage!

Massage with vulcanic rocks

Time 90′ price 270 Lei
Pack of 5 sessions price 1150 Lei

Do you have an office job that forces you to sit for hours in the chair? Did you feel that your tension had accumulated in your back muscles and shoulders? Do you worry more than you used to do? Do you have days when you feel sad? Are you suffering from headaches? In the second part of the day you find your legs are swollen? Several volcanic rock massages would help you fix the imbalances that create these inconveniences.

Balinese massage body – mind-soul balance

Time 90′ price 270 Lei
Pack of 5 sessions price 1150 Lei

Balinese massage has its origins in bali and is a combination of several asian techniques: indian, indonesian, chinese, ayurvedic.All these techniques are meant to restore the balance and harmony of the physical-mental-emotional body, by unblocking at energetic and physical level certain areas.They work on the energy meridians through delicate but profound pressures, so that stagnant energy is released from the joints, through manipulations, flexion, extensions. “sportive” moves bring an energetic flow into the whole body, and although, often, the relaxation state is a good example of this technique, the person that receives the massage, feels full of vitality, and the subtle description is often that “the burdens have disappeared.”


Time 50′ price 160 Lei
Pack of 10 sessions price 1250 Lei

You have probably heard taking about reflexotherapy and its beneficial effects in various affections. If you start a weight loss schedule, reflexotherapy can be very helpful, together with diet and movement, of course.Reflexotherapy is a special technique of digital massage that is based on the relationship between certain areas of the skin and the activity of the human body apparatus and systems. It can be used to prevent and treat many imbalances and affections.

Massage in a couple a profound connection

SIt can be personalized, it can be elected any type of massage or 2 types of different massages, but having the same duration.

A couple massage is a wonderful and very relaxing personal experience. During this session, 2 people benefit of massage at the same time and in the same room from 2 therapeutists. It has the same benefits as any other type of massage, but as a bonus, it creates a deep connection between those who benefit! This massage is a special occasion that binds the two in a deep status. They can talk or relax and enjoy the experience. Even when no words are spoken, the experience brings them closer to each other. It is perfect for any type of couple: even if we think of a romantic experience, the couple can represent 2 members of a family or 2 dear friends. Mother-daughter relationship can become closer through this experience.

Massage at 4 hands what an experience!

Any type of massage can be elected and will be performed by 2 therapeutists, the price beign double of that massage

This massage is an optimal solution of improvement of any affections or discomfort to which therapeutic massage is addressed to, relaxation massage, lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite massage. Muscular, osteoarticular and neurological disorders, especially those with back localization, can be significantly improved. The disorders and complications induced by deficient blood circulation as well as lazy lymphatic flow are found on the list of specific indications.

Massage at 4 hands remains a favorite of those who want to get rid of fatigue and stress, the unaesthetic aspect of the skin affected by cellulite and stretch marks, and who feel the urgent need for detoxification and relaxation.

The japanese massage is the best massage for the skeletal system

Time  90′ / 120′ price 270 / 325 Lei

Back pain? Kyphosis? Scoliosis? Kypho-scoliosis? Hyperlordosis? Asymmetries of the hip? Incorrect office position for hours? Sedentary life-style? Do you want to be more erect, taller, more flexible? You should benefit from the yumeiho technique!

What is yumeiho?

The yumeiho therapy is a japanese prophylactic and therapeutic method, also known as the “coxale alignment method, massage and pressopuncture”. It is based on manual actions (100 main maneuvers and 200 secondary maneuvers) performed on the entire body to preserve or improve health status.

How does it work?

It is conceived as a method of correcting as far as possible the spine to ameliorate the disorders induced by its pathology and its dysfunctions. In this respect, the approach is realized from the outside to the inside (the correction of the abnormalities of the pelvis’ bones, of the lower limbs which form the basis of the spine) and from the inside to the outside (correction of the pathological curvatures of the spine or intervertebral joints dysfunctions with subsequent positive repercussions on all limbs, scapular belt and pelvic belt).

Massage is done on a mattress, please come with equipment consisting of a t-shirt and training pants!

The segmental therapeutic massage

Time 30′ price 85  Lei
Pack of 10 sessions price 650Lei

It is based on swedish massage techniques. Its action is at the level of the muscles as well as in the adipose areas, and as well on all the functions of the body. It also reduces muscle tension, finds its usefulness in cases where it is desired to reshape particular areas or to reduce the discomfort in an area that is painful or there are certain groups of muscles which are blocked. The efficiency of segmental massage is great because the frequency with which it will be done will be greater, and the desired results are obtained faster. Some examples of massages on areas: cervical, lumbar, thigh, foot, buttocks, hips, etc. Segmental massage has a positive effect in the removal of stress, fatigue, insomnia, migraines, digestive disorders and blood pressure.

The duration of any segmental massage is of 30 minutes! The segmental massage will be realized in a pack (optional) with kinetotherapeutic programs or stretching programs, according to the recommendation of the kinetotherapist and an anamnesis of your body’s health.

Hawaian lomilomi massage therapy of loving hands

Time 90′ price 270 Lei

Through the therapy of “loving hands”, kahuna therapeutist intends that through each touch to achieve connection and/or reconnection between body, heart and spirit. The connection can only be emotional, by empathy, the therapeutist constantly transmitting the principles of huna and following in precise steps the routing of the principle: “be present to be transformed!”

The lomi-lomi massage is unique through the therapies and maneuvers performed by the therapeutist. The technique used supposes the use of forearms, elbows and hands, and movements are made by long and continuous gestures without interruption or staccato movements. The sensation felt during this massage is like waves that wrap the whole body.

The slow and profound deeptissue massage. Extraordinary

Time 60′  price 180 Lei
Time 90′  price 250 Lei

The deep tissue massage maneuvers are realized alongside, but also against muscle fibers and tendons. The basic feature of this type of massage is the intense pressure applied by the therapist on areas with chronic muscular tensions. Applying pressure on the muscles, they will get rid of tension and discomfort.
Besides the role of muscle contraction, this type of massage also helps eliminate toxins from the body.

The rejuvance massage

Time 60′   – 6 recommended sessions    170 Lei / session

The rejuvance massage is a special technique consisting of delicate sliding movements applied to the surface of the skin to produce a natural face lifting effect. The therapist works precisely and easily on the connective tissues and on the 91 muscles of the face, neck, shoulders and scalp using delicate massage maneuvers and through the pressopuncture technique. The philosophy behind the rejuvance massage is that our face is the link between body, mind, spirit and emotions. The face is generally the part we first notice in other people. It is discovered, exposed and hides the history of each person. Its expression is carved by a bunch of tiny muscles that give the mobility necessary to forming grimaces. Stress and tension are reflected by the tightness around the eyebrows, jaws and the eyes, while joy and serenity give the human face an open and relaxed expression. An attentive facial massage gives us a feeling of deep relaxation and “connection” with all the parts of the body, as well as the comfort of enjoying life. When the tension is removed, the results are amazing.

The thai traditional massage

Time 90′ / 120′ price 290 ron/ 370 ron

The quintessence of the thai therapeutic tradition is found in ayurvedic medicine and buddhist spiritual teachings and practices, reflecting the concepts of “metta” (unconditional love and compassion) and “vipassana” (clear vision, deep understanding).Thai therapeutic massage is based on two fundamental theories: “the four elements of the vital force” and “the ten meridians of energy – sen sib”.According to the vital elements theory, the human being consists of four elements – earth, water, fire and air, of which it is surrounded, and the harmony between these elements will result in an optimal state of health. The sen sib theory refers to the ten main channels of vital force flow. These channels through which energy circulates forms a network through the whole body and resonate with the physiological, psychological and spiritual experiences of a person. When one or more channels are blocked or damaged, energy will no longer be able to circulate freely through the body, and the negative effects will be felt in the person’s wellbeing. Recovering or unlocking the meridians will emanate energy throughout the body, and beneficial effects will be felt throughout the body.

Therapeutic techniques in traditional thai massageIn thailand, massage is seen as an energy therapy – similar to magnetic bio-energy, for example. In the west, thai therapeutic massage is perceived rather as a bodywork-like kinetotherapy or osteopathy, due to manual and mechanical techniques used in body manipulation. Though there are innumerable massage styles practiced by the thai population, depending on the area or the school they represent, the universal techniques are: pressopucture and yoga-type stretching.

Pressopuncture is applied using fingers, elbows, forearms, knees or feet in certain points on a person’s energy chart to fuse off the energy flow through the meridians to stimulate healing. Pressopuncture points correspond to the most commonly known trigger point, which can be very painful when stimulated. The body is meant to move, and stretching positions put the body in motion by activating the client’s kinesthetic potential. The therapist prudently guides the client’s body into slow stretching positions, exploring the ability of individual mobility and flexibility. Stretching has an instant relaxing effect, both at the muscular level and also at the mental and emotional level – hence the feeling of inner peace, escape and completion, very often expressed through comments such as: “i seem to have floated on some clouds “. Through the movement, we know plenitude.

Besides the two main techniques, there are also some tools that complement the portfolio of thai massage therapy: wood “finger” (to increase pressure), hot compress with medicinal herbs (adding phytotherapeutic benefits), tapotement with wood hammer – toksen, a technique specific to chiang mai region. Essentially, direct pressure is a “yin” therapeutic intervention, and the percussion, with toksen, for example, is a “yang” intervention. A well-trained therapist should be able to identify a possible inflammation and avoid certain techniques, he should know when to apply cold or warm therapy, know very well the contraindications and restrictions to give each client an effective and safe massage. But perhaps the most important thing is that a therapist can manage to “dance” with the client in a fluent and musical rhythm.

thai herbal compress (warm medicinal compress)

Time 90′ price 300 ron

Herbal compresses are used in thailand for therapeutic purposes for almost five thousand years, from an era in which the medicinal properties of the plants were thoroughly researched and the knowledge was passed down from generation to generation. Today, the use of medical compresses therapy is spread all over the globe and enjoys great popularity in the therapeutic and relaxing wellness-spa environment. The medicinal compresse offers the possibility of a phytotherapeutic, thermo-therapeutic and aroma therapeutic treatment at the same time.

The main benefits of compresses are: deep relaxation, relieving stress and chronic fatigue, elevating emotional and mental states, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulating effective functioning of internal organs. Hot compresses are ideal for removing chronic pain, releasing the tension of the muscles, relieving migraines, chronic stress, anxiety, and even relieving skin problems. Compresses can also be used cold when treating acute inflammations, contusions, hematomas.

Massage with honey

Time 60′      price 185 Lei

A rapid improvement in blood circulation in the deep layers of the skin and muscle contributes to improving the nutrition of internal organs and tissues. Honey containing biologically active substances absorbs toxins and contributes to their faster elimination from the body. Such massage is realized to increase lymphatic circulation and to cleanse the skin. The skin after the massage, becomes more elastic, smooth, being improved at the same time, the condition of the entire body. Honey reshapes the body and helps maintain long-term results due to its immune stimulating properties. Thus, cellulite is significantly reduced, blood circulation improved, the muscles regain their tonus and the skin is deeply nourished. Honey is effective for reducing both kilos and for treating certain facile skin conditions. Massage is in itself a technique that favors the removal of fat cells from the body and, in combination with the substances contained in the apiculture product, has stronger effects. As a result of this treatment, the skin regains its elasticity and the orange peel appearance is dimmed.There should be performed 15 massage sessions with honey, one day yes, one no (this is very important).












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