Styling eyebrows

Beauty by Shakti

Beautiful women have beautiful eyebrows.
Plucked by the book

Have you noticed that beautiful women have beautiful eyebrows (to be read “correctly plucked”)? Then you’ve probably already realized how important eyebrows are for the way the features of the face are harmonized.It is said that, if they are properly pluck, eyebrows can make real miracles for the aesthetics of a face. Like hair, eyebrows are the eternal “accessory” to the bearer that can change including the impression on personality and even the age of the face that has them.
As concerning hair, nature has been more generous with some people more than others. Fortunately, the situation can be rectified with the aid of a specialist, because the techniques of reconstruction, redesign and eyebrow dyeing have been continually improving. At the shakti center, your eyebrows will start a new life. A life in which you look better.



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Colouring eyelashes/eyebrows

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Pack plucking + colouring

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