Natural tanning

Beauty by Shakti

Natural tanning with henna

Oriental tanning with henna leaves a natural bronze without the orange shade specific to other tanning products. Henna is a natural antiseptic that helps strengthening the capillary vessels and closes the pores.

Its tanning properties are due to tannin. It treats, fortifies and gives nuance to the skin. It has purifying, toning and astringent qualities. The result will be 100% natural tanned skin, no orange shade.

The lotion is a blend of vegetable oils rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements that prolong the life of the bronze. Vegetable extracts have astringent, antibacterial and protective properties that contribute to a good hydration of the skin. Tannin, together with henna, will provide a natural and long-lasting color.The magic effect of facial massage is represented by bringing inner beauty to the outside. It is realized on the arms, the neckline, the neck and the face, stimulating the energetic centers and depleting, where appropriate, the source of sadness that darkens the face.

1 session 150 lei

PACK of 5 sessions 600 lei

PACK of 10 sessions 1000 lei

*the first session lasts for 90 min,
from the second, the period being of 60 minutes.

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